Kenneth Voort

Before helping me, you may want to know a little more about me. I am currently in my final yeat studying computer security in Ontario, Canada. Other areas of study include law, criminology, history, and psychology. As a student, I have very few resources available to me to aid in the development and testing of projects such as this. A few extra P200's and VmWare images don't go very far. This project has been published as a public appeal for help. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary C programming expertise to accomplish in weeks what some could accomplish in days; as a result I am requesting interested persons' help in developing this project. Of particular need are alpha testers and experienced C programmers familiar with the GNU C library. I hope this project will someday turn into a useful tool for forensic investigators. In my experience, projects such as this have been flaky at best. Response scripts fail to respect the volatility of evidence, static tools often fail, and appararently static tools are in fact not. This project is an attempt to fix these problems. By supporting this project, you will be developing a tool which will eventually prove to be of great value to the forensic investigation and incident response field.

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